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Registreringsdatum: 19 augusti 2019
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InläggPostat: 2020-03-31 08:36:38    Rubrik: Phillip Danault Youth Jersey Svara med citat

Five Detoxification Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Summer
Posted On : Aug-05-2010 | seen (279) times | Article Word Count : 531 |

Hot summer is coming and we always find some ways to keep ourselves healthy. And we also heard from news that someone are heatstroke. So when we go outside or work out under the sunlight Shea Weber Canadiens Jersey , what we should do to decrease the dangerous. Here comes the fruit and vegetable juice. Hot summer is coming and we always find some ways to keep ourselves healthy. And we also heard from news that someone are heatstroke. So when we go outside or work out under the sunlight, what we should do to decrease the dangerous. Here comes the fruit and vegetable juice.

Fresh fruit juice into the human body digestive system will cause the blood alkaline, and to accumulate in the cells of toxins such as lead, aluminum, mercury Max Pacioretty Youth Jersey , heavy metals and free radicals from in vitro. So the effect is that detoxification and purifying the body. Fruit and vegetable juice is to achieve maximum nutrition and delicious.

ut Sauce

Function: moistens the lung, spleen appetizer

TIPS: the taboo on the peanut

1).Peanut is rich in oil. Enteritis, dysentery, indigestion and other spleen weak consumption will increase the diarrhea.

2) Peanuts are high in fat, hyperlipidemia patients will cause increased blood lipids after consumption.

3) Peanuts contain a procoagulant factor. Bruises Andrew Shaw Youth Jersey , blood stasis person are eating too many peanuts will increase bruises.

4). Peanuts contain fat needs bile to help digestion, the gallbladder of patients should not eat more.

5). Peanut is easy to damp moldy, thus it should be stored in cool and dry place. If found deterioration, throw it away and not to eat.


Function: Spleen Stomach, promoting body fluid and nourishing the lung

TIPS:Processing yam

1)lmmediately put it into water after the yam slices soaked in order to black oxidation

2)Brefore cut fresh yam Artturi Lehkonen Youth Jersey , you can add a little vinegar with water to washing, this reduces the mucus, to avoid sliding hand wounds.

3)After cut the yam, you should wash your hand over times, yam is easy lead to skin allergies.

3. Pumpkin juice

Functions:anti-cancer and so on

TIPS: pay more attention to eating pumpking

1)Pumpkin is warm Victor Mete Youth Jersey , eat less for those people who the rising of stomach and stagnation.

2)Particularly appropriate to obesity, diabetes and the elderly food.

4. Carrot juice

Function: supplement the trace elements

TIPS:carrot taboo:

1) Wine and carrots should not be the same food, or lead to liver disease.

2). Radish diarrhea, carrot to make up, so their should not eat at the same

5. Corn juice

Function: can prevent the eye of aging

TIPS:corn taboo:

1)Corn must be cooked. If not enough time to cook Paul Byron Youth Jersey , when you drink up and have not the taste of the thick. Cooked corn is better than raw. And despite loss a large amount of vitamin C during cooking, but has received more nutritional value of antioxidants.

2)Sweet corn, compared with normal corn, sticky corn maize ,sweet corn contain more water than other. And therefore it is the perfect choice for juice. Only yellow maize in only lutein and zeaxanthin Jeff Petry Youth Jersey , white corn is not.

3)Add your own favorite spices into juice,such as honey, milk, condensed milk ... a cup of delicious nutrition of corn juice came out of the refinery.

4)Drink when heated to 20 鈩? taste is the best.

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