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Bill Hamid USA Jersey

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Registreringsdatum: 19 augusti 2019
Inlägg: 262

InläggPostat: 2020-06-16 09:26:43    Rubrik: Bill Hamid USA Jersey Svara med citat

More and more consumers with strong purchasing power of television and other media Claudio Reyna USA Jersey , traditional media has been the trend was away, every day more people are concerned about the network, and other new media. The new media with traditional media has been a marked difference between, it has no longer with the traditional media market, competing, competition for advertising, competition for staff, this is new media in the future based on the foundation, or core values. The greatest value of traditional media is diverse and the world and all kinds of information Christian Pulisic USA Jersey , to help our people to take less of the information, take a richness.

Media selection, integration is the last word

As we all know, the ultimate goal of corporate advertising to promote product awareness, and promote consumers, increased sales, but not all promotional products are exposed to the media, consumers are not seeing advertising will become a potential customer, which requires reasonable choice of media companies Chris Wondolowski USA Jersey , and put good ads.

Therefore, between the traditional media with new media is not the fight, they are the security of its position, in varying degrees up to service the community, so at present between the traditional media with new media, whether integration promoting or blend Yehao In fact, only a process phenomenon, it is critical to address the value of the content itself replicate the problem, the value of purification problems Chris Pontius USA Jersey , problems related degree. New media to traditional media to supplement and improve, both as a person's two arms, benefit from each other, Well, can form a complete combination of organic architecture, common development and achieve "win-win."

Scientific and rational choice and put the media can indeed contribute to enterprise development. Advertising media audiences around the product, while receiving psychological sales center stick to the road, truly achieve the integration of the media and optimize the effect of communication. In the strategy, the overall coordination Brek Shea USA Jersey , strategic play with each other advertising functions. In television, newspapers, tabloid publicity, broadcasting and other media, the light of the actual situation "integration with." The integration is still a legal basis.

Integration between different media must be based on the product itself can be called a successful media integration, play a high intensity of advertising effectiveness. Therefore, the proposed strategy is as follows:

Integration of media, to extend the breadth

Range of different media have different limitations, therefore Brad Guzan USA Jersey , need to integrate the use of media to achieve accurate communication, enhance advertising effectiveness, extend the breadth of purpose. Advertising positive coverage, or the spread of the greater product awareness, higher awareness.

Accumulated many years of traditional media, media brands and professional content on the Internet competition is still competitive. It has the authority and professionalism, credibility in the minds of the audience is the new media can not be replaced within a short time. But the nature of the problem is we have to learn this is no longer the monopoly is still an open environment with the spirit of their professional responsibility to win the right to speak. The future of traditional media is open to adapt to such an open, to manage this open, you can win the future.

Meanwhile Brad Evans USA Jersey , his best rally news media, event planning a show of responsibility, strengthen the integration of the media advertising and targeted persuasive communication, good public communication with the integration of media to extend the breadth of products, so that the audience is more reassuring accept the products, increase awareness and help the product get a good reputation.

It should be said, more and more large companies started to pay attention on new media's advantages, not only is the washing of, some household appliances Brad Davis USA Jersey , small household electrical appliances enterprises Ye are beginning to have the network running Guangguhuozhe open storefronts, and also indicated the release of their Bu Xiang Each had the opportunity to sell products.

Haier Group has already indicated that, from now seems, the Internet media and mobile media's influence has been developed to the stage can not be ignored. So companies such as Procter & Gamble, reference is also given to these new media platforms, these platforms are indeed able to gather a number of similar groups, but also provided them with the brand of their channels.

Advertising complementary, mutually reinforcing

As we all know, focus on a few kinds of advertising media to spread the same product or related product advertising content Bobby Wood USA Jersey , media audiences, the advertising can bring to the business results are complementary and mutually reinforcing. As the advantages and disadvantages of different media, so media integration but also on each other, complement each other forms of advertising, helping the market to achieve profitability quickly.

In the case of depression, of course, marketing manager for advertising is changing as well. Traditional packaged media and new media mix in a few years ago has become a new delivery model, under the economic crisis, this model may be more three-dimensional development.

You can choose to use part of the bundle of traditional media and new media. To some extent Bill Hamid USA Jersey , represent the face of traditional media and new media represent a point, these points have a stronger adhesive than the surface degree. When the media in varied shapes, you can the actual needs of enterprises to choose their focus and coverage.

Of course, nor can we say that P & G and Unilever invested to reduce the traditional media, and other companies also are to be so.

For many companies, they still believe that traditional media advertising channels, a more mature and stable. Reduction in funding when the company was cautio. Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Online Cheap Sports NBA Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap Hockey Jerseys
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