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galows to extravagance beach-front ho

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Registreringsdatum: 10 maj 2019
Inlägg: 363

InläggPostat: 2019-08-14 04:13:26    Rubrik: galows to extravagance beach-front ho Svara med citat

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What Can it Include?

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Installation and Operation of Transformer

The installation place of the transformer should adapt their design and construction standards. If it is placed outdoor, you should determine if the EI transformer is suitable for outdoor running. You should protect the transformer from lightning, and the risk of external damage. In addition to ensure that the load is within the allowable range in the design of the transformer. In addition, the top oil temperature in the oil-cooled transformers needs to be carefully monitored. And in the usual running operation, it should be strictly performed in accordance with run operating procedures to prevent misoperation. In the operation of the transformer Haason Reddick Cardinals Jersey , we should prevent the phenomenon of overvoltage. Regular checks and inspections are needed to find out the problems, and the problems should be solved timely.

Inspection of the Oil in Transformer

The dielectric strength of the transformer oil decreases sharply with the increase of moisture. One ten thousandth of the water in the oil can reduce nearly half its dielectric strength. Except small distribution circuit board transformer, all transformer oil samples should be kept for puncture test to ensure proper detection of moisture and it should be removed by filtration. Fault gas analysis should be carried out in oil. Eight kinds of faults gas monitor in the application of transformer oil should continuously measure the oil content dissolved in the oil, the type of fault can be determined by analysis of the gas type and content. The physical properties of the oil should be tested every year to determine its insulation properties, and tests include the dielectric breakdown strength Chase Edmonds Cardinals Jersey , acidity, interfacial tension, and so on.

Regular Maintenance of Transformer

Firstly, maintain the porcelain casing and insulators clean. Secondly, ensure electrical connection reliable and fastening. Thirdly Mason Cole Cardinals Jersey , check the tap regularly. And inspect the contact fastening, burns, scars, rotation flexibility and positioning of contact. Fourthly, in the oil cooling system Christian Kirk Cardinals Jersey , check whether there are radiator leaks, rust, dirt or any mechanical damage of on restrict the free flow of oil. Fifthly, test the reliability of arrester annually. Grounding must be reliable, and the leads should be as short as possible. The grounding resistance should be detected during the dry season Patrick Peterson Cardinals Jersey , and its value should not exceed 4Ω. Sixthly, dielectric loss of the transformer coil, casing and arrester detection should be tested every three years. Seventhly, online detection system should be considered to be used in the most critical transformers. Currently there are a variety of online detection systems on the market and the suppliers will assemble different detectors and sensors, and connect them to the data acquisition device. We should combine the system with the real gas content to guarantee the safe operation of transformer.

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